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  1. Avatar for Hazel Hazel says:

    There isn’t one image I don’t like!

  2. Avatar for John Curtis John Curtis says:

    Hi Mark,

    Many thanks for your presentation at Light Fantastic yesterday. I really appreciated your comments and have taken a copy of your ‘Decomposition’ to digest further.

    I attended one camera club function and was turned off by the photo critique of the members judging. It seemed to be an ‘us versus them’ scenario, with very little constructive comment forth coming.

    Once again thanks for your efforts I really appreciated your presntation, commemts and candour.

    Kind Regards

    John Curtis

  3. Avatar for Rare Blossom Rare Blossom says:

    Me think it mazing!

  4. Avatar for Murray Murray says:

    Your paper on Decomposition is full of helpful and insightful information.
    Any photographer wanting to improve his or her skills would do well to study it closely.

    Your photographs are, without exception, a pleasure to behold.

    Congratulations, an impressive catalogue.

    May I suggest you consider allowing people to purchase prints of your work online.

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